To stabilize families and individuals in crisis, especially the working poor, homeless and those in financial need and provide them with financial support and life skills training to live on their own.


A greater Essex County community where the well-being of children, families, and individuals is values, nurtured and supported to maintain a quality of life through self-sufficiency.


Newark Emergency Services for Families, Inc. (NESF) has provided the residents of Newark and the greater Essex County with a variety of social, recreational and social services since 1977. Our mission is “to stabilize families and individuals in crisis especially the low income, the working poor, homeless and those in financial need and provide them with financial support and life skills training to live on their own.” Through growth and expansion, the organization has grown from its humble beginnings as a referral agency staffed by volunteers to one that provides a variety of direct assistance programs staffed by human service professionals to provide more than 5,000 families/individuals.

Throughout its history, NESF has consistently identified service gaps in our local community and responded quickly to the changing needs of those we serve.  Additionally, our unfailing commitment, compassion and competence have positioned NESF as an expert in the areas of direct emergency assistance delivery and intensive case management to difficult populations.  NESF continues to provide: emergency rental and utilities assistance; food vouchers; and other supportive services for individuals living with HIV/AIDS; long-term intensive case management for individuals transitioning from WorkFirst New Jersey and comprehensive case management for individuals recently released from incarceration. We also house a dedicated Family Success Center for families residing in the City of Newark as well as a Family Success Center at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, which is a piloted program to divert patience from emergency rooms prior to admittance and connect them to needed services and programs.

In January 2015, NESF in partnership with the United Way of Essex and West Hudson, served as a VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) site where 505 income taxes were prepare.  Out of the 505 taxes prepared, 477 yielded income tax returns.  This federally funded program provides free income tax preparation to individuals with an income of $53,000 and below.  Through a partnership with Integrity House, we are able to provide onsite substance abuse counseling and mental health counseling for depression, bi-polar disorder and other mild mental illnesses.  Through a partnership with Project Live we are able to link the consumers frequenting our homeless drop in center with permanent supportive housing.

NESF is also an Affordable Care Act enrollment agency and provides utility assistance through NJ Shares to residents throughout New Jersey.