Family Success Center

The Family Success Center is one of several state-funded networks designed as “one-stop” shops that provide wrap-around resources and supports for families before they find themselves in crisis. Family Success Centers offer primary and secondary child abuse prevention services to families and bring together concerned community residents, leaders, and community agencies to address the problems that threaten the safety and stability of families and the community. There is no cost to access services provided by Family Success Centers. Core services include:

  • Access to information on child, maternal and family health services, including linkage to publicly-funded health insurance programs and referrals to local health care services;
  • Economic self-sufficiency/employment related services/income security services;
  • Information & Referral Services (connection to off-site public and private resources);
  • Life Skills training (budgeting, nutrition, etc.);
  • Housing  related services;
  • Parent education;
  • Parent-child activities;
  • Advocacy.

Weequahic Family Success Center

NESF is home to the Central and West Ward Family Success Center (FSC). Our FSC is a one-stop comprehensive resource center that promotes family unity and empowerment. The Center hosts monthly parent training workshops, grandparent support group, access to computers and linkages to supportive services.

Program Initiatives include:

Grandparents Support Group

Our Grandparents support group provides supportive services to grandparents who are now rearing their grandchildren.

“Kicking It Afterschool” Karate Program

The “Kicking it Afterschool” Karate Program is a FREE Karate class for youth between the ages of 6 and up for Newark’s residents. The program is offered at the Weequahic Family Success Center for youth between the ages of 6 and up every Tuesday and Thursday after school.

The program was recently featured in “Newark Patch”

The “Men’s Empowerment Network (M.E.N)”

The Men’s Empowerment Network (MEN) is a group for men who want to empower themselves to be the best they can be in life while gaining the support and learning the skills necessary to overcome their fears and take steps towards taking their communities back. The program operates with the belief that true wisdom comes not from a single source of support, but from the diverse viewpoints of men unconditionally committed to winning in their lives. Using our collective talents, strengths, compassion, humor and wisdom, we will learn how to overcome our fears and live powerfully. Men’s Empowerment Network (MEN) is offered at the WFSC every 2nd and 4th Wednesday evening of each month.

Family Success Center At Newark Beth Israel

** Funded by the Healthcare Foundation of NJ **

Located at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, 201 Lyons Avenue, L1 Main Lobby Newark, NJ 07112

In partnership between Newark Beth Israel Medical Center where individuals and families can receive program and service referrals, apply for the Affordable Healthcare, receive assistance with online applications for government benefits; and receive needed items for infants and children. This Center’s focus is on expectant mothers and those needing social service assistance prior to admittance to the hospital. This Center aids in the diversion of non-emergency patients from the emergency room and triage units.

Hours of operation Monday through Thursday, 9am – 4:30pm; Friday, 1:00pm – 4:30pm.