Stranded and No Where to Turn

On August 20, 2018 Ms. Jeanette Green NESF Data Quality Specialist walked into to drop-in-center to do her daily check up on the clients.  During her checkup she saw a young woman (NP) with a suitcase. Ms. Green could tell that this was the young lady first time in the agency by her demeanor.  Ms. Green had asked her how was she doing and if that was her son at the front desk… she said yes that is my son. Ms. Green proceeded to ask her what service are you here for today.  She stated that she was here to take shower and a meal to eat.  Ms. Green asked her if her son was okay because he looks so tired, and if she thinks he would like to eat as well.  She stated that her son is exhausted because they barely had any sleep while they slept outside. Ms. Green asked why you and your son slept outside she stated that they came from New York from visiting family, and that they came to Penn station to catch the bus back home to Florida but while her and son was getting something to eat she had ask him to hold her wallet while she grab the food. In the process of all that she had ask him to throw a bag in the garbage and he forgot he had his mother’s wallet and he threw it in the garbage with the plastic bag. By the time she realize that it was gone they went back and look for it they had threw the trash away….then I told her give me a second so that we can see if any shelter have available beds for them….our agency had called everywhere nothing was available. So I had explained her situation to my immediate supervisor Ms. Anglee Cody Director of Emergency Services and The Interim Executive Director Ms. Diane Young. Ms. Cody Meet with the young lady to get her story and see if she was able to contact family or friends to help her out, she stated she called everyone she knew and no one could help her. After we all put our heads together and made some phones and nothing came about well look at other options which will be the last result.  After making phone calls to shelters and other organizations to see if the can help get this lady and her son a bed for the night and a way back home, NESF had no luck. Ms. Young stated lets see if we can get this young lady and her son a ticket back home. So Ms. Green and Ms. Cody started looking in to bus tickets that will leave out that day. They were unable to locate any bus tickets for that day, but they were able to find bus tickets that were available for the following day.  Now we have bus tickets for the following day but the young lady and her son did not have anywhere to stay for the night. So Ms. Young instructed Ms. Green and Ms. Cody to start checking hotel pricing. We were able to locate a room for the night at the Robert Treat Hotel. In the morning they young lady and son was to come back to NESF to pick up her bus tickets she was on time and ready to go. NESF is happy to say her and her son made home to Florida safe and sound.