Success Stories


AGE 33

Ms. R moved from out of state to New Jersey to have a better life for herself and her 4 children ages 6 to 13 years f age.

In August 2017 Ms. R’s housing case was transferred to NJ. She had a portion of to pay but needed additional help with the balance. Since she was unemployed she had to apply for public assistance and participate in programs. WFSC afforded her the opportunity to volunteer at the success center for credit hours.

While volunteering Ms. R was actively seeking employment.

To clear up her housing balance WFSC provided parental assistance to aid in her obtaining her own apartment.

Ms. R. became employed in May and was happy to advise that she and her children have finally moved into her own apartment on June 29, 2017.

NESF Success Spotlight on Mr. Elijah Perry, NESF SAIF Intensive Case Manager

Elijah Perry, a resident of Newark NJ, 30 years of age, was born in Newark and has been residing in Essex County his entire life. He came from very humbling beginnings being one out of eight kids. Growing up with seven siblings was a huge challenge. In addition to coming from a big family, his mother was a single parent battling a substance abuse addiction while his father made prison his home.  “School has always been easy for me. Growing up I graduated from Avon Avenue elementary school. After that, I later attended Irvington High School after my family moved to Irvington from Newark due to my mother willingness to leave our old neighborhood to get treatment for her addiction”.  Mr. Perry reports that he’s always been an honor student throughout school and since attending Essex County College he’s made the Dean’s List the past three semesters and will be expected to graduate in June 2018. Mr. Perry’s been accepted to Rutgers University (Newark) with a scholarship from the HLLC community.

“Knowing what it is like to be an unfortunate kid in an urban area, I will forever have empathy for the less fortunate and those who were raised in the likes as me. I have come to learn the youth is our future so I went into college majoring in Human and Social Services looking to become a youth counselor”. In the summer, Mr. Perry also volunteered to help coach a Newark Pop Warner football team. However, throughout his courses at the college, he was mandated to serve as an intern at an agency of the school’s choice.

"I was placed at NESF where I became more educated about the homeless population, people on general assistance and people who need assistance. As an intern, I actually learned the importance of advocacy for clients and the importance of referring these clients to different community resources. I have been very grateful for the opportunity to serve as an intern at the agency”. Mr. Perry came in to do his hours needed to graduate.  He took to it like a real job and gave it his all. As a testament to the work and dedication he showed to the agency, he was rewarded with getting hired at NESF in the SAIF program as Intensive Case Manager.

“The experience has been wonderful as I am passionate about my clients and passionate about their path to self-sufficiency. As of now I am part time and looking forward to becoming a full-time employee. Every day I learn something different and I am very eager to learn more and more to be the best help I can for my clients and help this program grow and succeed”